Welcome To My World Of Sculpture

May my work inspire you to create your own masterpiece or for you
to commission me to create one for you or for you to start your own
collection and purchase an original Artwork.

Original Creative Artworks

Michael Weir is a gifted sculptor with a natural talent for the rendering of the human form. A sculptor who strives to capture the 'Aura' of the subject he is creating in clay. In his early years he trained as a Bronze Founder, this training has been a great advantage to him as it has given him the freedom to sculpt without any restrictions as to how the finished artwork will appear.

 New Releases

Over the past thirty years serious collectors' have accepted Michael's collection of original artworks artworks in large numbers and unanticipated intensity. These collectors' have accepted his intent - the intent of bringing fine art original sculptures in Bronze, PreciousMetals and Cultured Marble into their homes and businesses for their pleasure and
an attractive form of investment.

As a self taught sculptor, virtuoso and possible entrepreneur in his own right, Michaelhas created created a vast collection of beautiful artworks with exceptional artistry, technical perfection and his natural gift for realism and the sheer beauty of his creationshas established him among the leading Sculptors' in New Zealand today.